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This is Cara - 22yr. - £130 ph
Cara is a rock star when it comes to looks. She has been known to stop traffic because of her amazing curves as well as her stature and grace. She looks stunning even without makeup and prides herself on her shapely figure because she works hard at the gym to maintain those curves.
Cara is a beautiful blonde and she wants to prove that blondes know how to have more fun than anyone else. You are going to be in good hands for as long as you choose to have Cara in your presence. She can show you how to party throughout London, and how to have some spicy fun when the two of you are alone. Call to book some time with her now before someone else gets to her.
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Cara photo
Cara photo
Cara photo

Age: 22
Nationality: French
Dress Size: 8-10
Orientation: Bisexual
Bust: 36D
Hair colour: Blonde
1 hr from: £130
2nd hr from: £120
Add hr from: £100
Overnight: £750
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